MyFi Introduction
Discover🐋. Saving🐋. Earn🐋 . MYFI — DeFi Liquidity Aggregators Protocol
My Finance (MyFi)
Projects pursuing other goals have faded into the background as a result of the DeFi hype. We’d like to introduce you to the MyFi project. Blockchain-based markets, according to MyFi, are a critical cornerstone for global, distributed economies. MyFi tokens are created and integrated into the system, illustrating the goal of fully integrating blockchain technology into the market.
The DeFi Liquidity Aggregators Protocol will be launched by MyFi. It will benefit investor who use our Liquidity Aggregator because it will show the best DeFi token with the highest liquidity and APY so it can reduce risk for investment by our Aggregators. Instead of staking, MyFi provide saving with dividend APR/APY controlled by smart contract. Based on $MYFI saving, holder will receive approximately 160% APY.
The vast majority of DeFi projects require confidence in a central group and engagement. However, many of them are either buggy, not properly secured or just not ready for the mainstream.
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